Don’t Double-Down During December!

Don’t Double-Down on Your Loved Ones
During December!

What on earth does this mean? Well, if your among those of us with a December birthday (or a similar milestone event like an anniversary), you probably already know what we mean. Just because December is primetime for Holiday gift giving, that doesn’t mean that you should combine birthday and holiday gifts into a single gift, package or gift-giving event. Friends, family and loved ones that are born in December should receive separate gifts for their birthdays and for the Seasonal Holiday you celebrate.

If jewelry gift giving is in your plans, the abundance of gemstones designated as December Birthstones makes it much easier to find just the right gift or gifts for the person(s) with a December birthdate. There are four different gems to choose from for December so you can readily select jewelry pieces with different gemstones for just that special touch for a loved one with a December birthdate.

The most traditional of the December birthstones is Turquoise. Turquoise can vary in color from a robin’s egg blue to an almost pastel green shade depending on its source. Like many gemstones, it is becoming somewhat more difficult to find true natural specimens to use in jewelry items. There are an abundance of simulants and reconstructed (reconstituted) stones on the market, so if you go with Turquoise as a choice, be sure to purchase it from a trustworthy source if you are looking for the genuine article. Turquoise is most typically found in bead or cabochon form but rough cut pieces are often used in handcrafted pieces.

Blue Zircon with its vibrant electric blue hues has long been considered the alternate Birthstone for December and deserves full recognition as a natural gemstone rather than a manmade stone (cubic zirconia), which the public often confuses it with. If your loved one has a passion for vibrant colors, it’s hard to go wrong with a quality piece featuring Blue Zircon.

People have been taken by the velvety beauty of Tanzanite ever since it was introduced to the market in the late 1960’s. Having the gem assigned to December was a welcome addition for people who prefer more transparent, typically eye-clean gems and/or those looking for something on the larger side. Tanzanite pieces are an ideal choice for someone who wants to splurge a little and did we mention they are a beautiful compliment to diamonds?

A fairly recent addition to December’s collection of Birthstones is Blue Topaz. It’s an icier shade of blue than the others December stones making it a seasonably-suited choice for both birthday and Christmas/Holiday gifts. Blue Topaz itself is a rare find in nature. Almost all commercially available Blue Topaz results from heat treating or irradiating the more common clear or palely tinted varieties. Depending on original properties of the stones and the treatment process used, the resulting blues typically fall into one of three notable shades with the color being consistent, durable and resilient. Color choices range from a Sky Blue Topaz (a cool pastel shade), to Swiss Blue Topaz (a more vibrant or electric blue shade) to a London Blue Topaz (more of a rich indigo shade). A relatively inexpensive gemstones, Blue Topaz is a popular choice for dedicated pieces and as an accent or lead stone in designs featuring multiple colors or gemstones.

So given the range of choices in jewelry items alone, there’s no excuse for not surprising that special someone with a December birthdate or similar milestone with multiple gifts for the month and the season.

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