First American Capture of British Naval Vessel

On this day in 1776, Navy Captain John Barry, commander of the American warship Lexington, makes the first American naval capture of a British vessel when he takes command of the British warship HMS Edward off the coast of Virginia. The capture of the Edward and its cargo turned Captain Barry into a national hero and boosted the morale of the Continental forces.

Also on April 7 in History:

  • 1860: W.K. Kellogg, cereal magnate and health guru was born.
  • 1933: President Franklin Roosevelt signs legislation ending prohibition in the United States.
  • 1970: John Wayne wins the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the movie True Grit.
  • 1980: The United States breaks relations with Iran.

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Lt. Governor Nicholson Ordered John Fulcher to Pay Maintenance

On this date in 1691, The Lower Norfolk County clerk made this transcription of a petition from Ruth Fulcher to Francis Nicholson, the then current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Fulcher requested that the court order her husband, from whom she was estranged, to support her and their son financially. In seventeenth-century Virginia, women were rarely granted legal separation from their husbands let alone chosen as their children's legal guardians over male relatives. Lieutenant Governor Nicholson ordered that the child remain with his mother, and the court ordered John Fulcher to pay his wife two thousand pounds of tobacco annually.


Also on This Date in History:

  • 1789: The First U.S. Congress begins regular sessions at Federal Hall in New York City.
  • 1896: The Modern Olympics begin in Athens with thirteen nations participating.
  • 1937: Merle Haggard, American country musician was born.
  • 1965: President Lyndon B. Johnson authorizes the use of ground troops in combat operations.


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On This Day in Virginia History:

On this day in 1614, Pocahontas marries John Rolfe in Jamestown, Virginia. With Pocahontas being the daughter of the Powhatan Indian confederacy, her marriage to the tobacco grower ensured peace between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan Indians for a number of years to come.

Other Notable Events on April 5:

On this day in 1955, Winston Churchill resigns as the Prime Minister of England.

Notable Deaths: Howard Hughes passes in 1976. Charlton Heston passes away in 2008.

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