4mm Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ball Stud Earrings 14-20 Gold Filled


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Enjoy the beauty and splendor of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in a14-20 Gold Filled Ball Stud Earring. Our elegant and petite 4mm Turquoise Ball Stud Earrings on 14-20 Gold Filled posts feature Turquoise of outstanding color and quality from the renowned Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. For those that are not familiar with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, it is considered to be the most highly-prized Turquoise in the world today. Known for its intense blue color with little to no matrix, it makes jewelry of incredible beauty and value!



Condition: Brand New.

Item Weight: Approx. 0.5 grams for the set.

Key Dimensions: Each earring measures about 4mm in diameter (or about 1/6").

Metal Components: 14-20 Gold Filled.

Style or Setting: Ball stud post earrings for pierced ears.



Gemstone Cut: Half-drilled Round Ball.

Gemstone Size: Approx. 4mm in diameter.

Gemstone Type: AA to AAA Grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

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