Party with TJ? What's That?

A Fast, Fun and Easy way to earn FREE Jewelry

Host your own Party with TJ and earn TJ Party Bucks that you can use toward or for the purchase of any item that we offer (yes, even diamond jewelry).


Why Party with TJ?

There are so many reasons to Party with TJ! Here are just a few:

  • You can host a party online, in person or even in our store/showroom.
  • Great products at Great Prices!
  • Great rewards with no caps, limits or unreasonable minimums!
  • You and your guests can choose from our large and constantly growing product line!
  • Great service before and after the sale!


Partying with TJ is EASY!

What really sets us apart from the others is just how easy it is to Party with TJ! Most people choose to Party with TJ online. Just think...

  • No more prepping the house!
  • No more spending time and money prepping snacks and beverages.
  • No more trying to figure out the right day, date and time to get enough people together to make mimimum sales requirements.

With Trustmark, now you can Party with TJ entirely online. You can invite friends, family, co-workers, whomever from across town, across the country and even across the globe. They can shop online at a time convenient to them, enter a simple code when they go through checkout and you get all of the credit and the rewards! It couldn't be simpler!


A Party with TJ is Very Rewarding!

  • Rewards start at $125 in party sales and go up from there.
  • You can be successful with as few as 3 people in "attendance".
  • Plus, you can earn an additional $25 in rewards for each subsequent party booked from (off of) your party. Book as many as you can--the rewards really stack up fast!
    Sales from Your Party Minimum # of Orders Your Rewards % Your Earnings in TJ Bucks
    $500 and up 4 25% of Product Sales from $125 and up
    $250 to $499 3 20% of Product Sales From $50 to $99.99
    $125 to $249 3 15% of Product Sales From $18.75 to $37.49


    Want to know how to get started?

    Just click the registration link below and start putting together your list of invitees. We'll send you all of the info you need to make your Party with TJ a great success!

    Click here to register.

    Still have questions? Contact us via email or call us at 757-426-1112 (FAQ page coming soon).